Frequently Asked Questions

How much do i get paid?

The payment varies based on the task. For example, to like; you can be paid 2 Naira per post, to comment; you can be paid 10 Naira and to follow; you can be paid 10 Naira as well. Some Users Earn as Much as N2000 a Day

Is there a limit to How much i can earn?

The only limit is you and the sky

When do i get paid?

You can only withdraw your earnings when you have over 5,000 Naira, and No, you do not need to refer two or twenty of your friends before you get paid.

What do I do if the task have already been completed by me?

Simple, you leave it and go to the next task.

I did a task but I did not get paid?

This rarely happens, but if it happened to you. You did not complete the task on time or you did not complete the task at all. If the latter is the case, you might get banned eventually.